What We Do

What We Do

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We trust women. We believe in women.
Women must be part of the solution.

Even though women have proven to be effective stewards of the Earth, they receive less than two cents of every charitable dollar donated to climate and environmental efforts. In order to safeguard our future, this paradigm must change.

Daughters for Earth believes that by putting capital into the hands of women changemakers around the world, these efforts can quickly scale and become a powerful force in the fight against climate change. Daughters supports women-led and women-operated nature conservation (on land and sea), restoration, and regenerative agriculture projects around the world that are directly contributing to solving the climate crisis by protecting and restoring the Earth.

Akashinga rangers. Image credit: Courtesy of Adrian Steirn

Daughters for Earth’s focus on nature conservation, restoration, and regenerative agriculture is based on science spearheaded by One Earth that proves we have the solutions to the climate crisis right now. We can, in fact, limit global average temperature rise to the critical 1.5°C limit through three pillars of action - a just transition to 100% renewable energy, protecting and restoring 50% of the worlds lands and seas, and shifting to regenerative farming methods. While the energy transition is underway, efforts to protect nature and scale regenerative farming that strengthen community and grassroots efforts need to scale much faster.

With just 2% of philanthropic resources going to environmental causes, and just a fraction of that reaching grassroots and community-led efforts led by women, there is a huge opportunity to drive change by getting resources to these on-the-ground efforts.

Image credit: Creative Commons, Juan Carlos Huayllapuma, CIFOR

Daughters for Earth is dedicated to raising and deploying $100 million to women-led projects around the world that are driving change from the ground up. Through a powerful model of collaboration with leading experts, our global advisory council, and trusted partners with decades of experience, Daughters for Earth identifies and vets highly effective women-led projects around the world, and supports them with much-needed funding and awareness.

Learn more about the incredible women changemakers we are supporting here.